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06 Jan
6. Januar 2014

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In September last year I launched Raspifeed.de. This is a news aggregator that links blogs which report on the Raspberry Pi. Hence it is possible to find numerous (high quality) news, tutorials, support an projects with the Raspberry Pi at one place. All this in German language. In the past months a lot of functions were added e.g. Responsive Webdesign, a seach function, an overview of the registered blogs, banners for bloggers and some details like bugfixes. Also the range of the project developed as expected with 70-100 visitors per day.

Though the idea was born especially for German content, I had noticed that there is no such website in the English Raspberry Pi scene, which is way bigger than the German one, that allows all bloggers to take part. This is why I decided to create an Enligsh version of Raspifeed.de in december which resulted in Raspifeed.com.

As I did for Raspifeed.de, I contacted several bloggers who frequently write about the Raspberry Pi in advance. At the time of launch 21 blogs with more than 1.600 articles are now represented. For comparison: Several months after the German version Raspifeed.de was launched, 34 Blogs with about 600 articles are now (january 05, 2014) listed. As you can see Raspifeed offers a lot of content.

Enough written now, you are not supposed to read novels about the history of this news aggregator but read articles about the Raspberry Pi direcly on Raspifeed.com!

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