Raspifeed.de and Raspifeed.com merged

16 Apr
16. April 2014

At the end of march I announced, apart from the current numbers of Raspifeed.de and Raspifeed.com, the development of an App for the websites. In the past weeks I took the time to implement some Raspifeed stuff that will be explained in the following.

Raspifeed.de and Raspifeed.com merged
So far you could find German articles at Raspifeed.de and English ones at Raspifeed.com. For an App it is technically sensible to have one, and not two portals. Thus I tinkered the data of both portals together and developed the option to change the language of both the website and the articles that are shown on it. This modification and more small bugfixes went online today. From now on you can find the „new“ portal Raspifeed at the address Raspifeed.com. Moreover the name of the project changes to Raspifeed (without .de or .com).

Lese diesen Artikel auf Deutsch!

No Raspifeed App for now
Despite the merging of the portals there will be no App for now. The development of the App was based on PhoneGap. Using its framework you can, based on webtechnologies, develop Apps that run on both Android and iOS. However, since the concept of the hybrid App is based on the webbrowsers of the smartphones and tablets, it was clear from the beginning that the biggest problem will be achieving a decent performance. Despite the numerous attempts of optimization, this performance problem unfortunately grew as I continued to write App. Eventually I had to surrender and admit that an App of the kind and quality, I would like to publish, is not really possible on the base of this technology. At the moment I am lacking the necessary skills to develop a native App for both operating systems so the project Raspifeed App is hereby ended. Furthermore the App was, as said in the initially linked article, intended to be more a technical experiment since the web application with its responsive Webdesign should be sufficient for the mobile users.

These were the news about Raspifeed. If you have more ideas or wishes for the project, please tell me about them – either in the comments, per Twitter or via E-mail!

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